What People Are Saying About the Book

‘This delightful and unique collection of Bahamian short stories left me with a feeling of nostalgia and the haunting desire for more.’

Lady Anne Hampson – International Best-selling Author.

It is great. So heart rendering … Your stories are so real, it makes me feel I am there .... Thank you for writing it …. I am ready for the next one. When does it come out?”

Barbara Brennan
Author, Hands of Light and Light Emerging
Founder, Barbara Brennan School of Healing

“Had the opportunity to read Sand In My Shoes and thoroughly enjoyed it. You're observations into island life were insightful and acutely observed … it brought a hitherto unknown world alive …. made me feel I'd like to explore some of the outlying islands …well done. A valuable addition to the literature of the Caribbean.

Mike Murphy
TV Celebrity, Ireland

“ …Your ability to touch the heart with tears one moment while making the reader laugh helplessly the next is a special gift … I think you have an original and vivid writing talent. I shall treasure your book … “

Margery Hilton, Author

‘This book is a gift you can open again and again for a taste of island life that is refreshingly real and laugh-out-loud funny. These marvelous pages are filled with pure reading pleasure.’

Paula Boyd Farrington – Editor, Grand Bahama Island Magazine

“I finished reading your book and know that I will return to it many times more. Your stories made me smile, laugh and cry. You share your heart and soul through the most amazing imagery. I can't wait for more …. “

Lee Turnquest
Freeport, Bahamas

“Thank you so much for writing such an enchanting book.”

Ishbel MacDonald, Scotland

“I received your (autographed) book as a gift …. I just wanted to write to tell you how much I am enjoying it. I have been giggling ever since I opened the book. Your stories make me miss my grandparents and think about my own childhood, growing up in Nassau. Thank you for sharing your stories.”

Christine Aylen, Author, Nassau

“ …The stories are written with an exquisite blend of heartwarming insight and technical, factual content so as to be both enlightening and entertaining.
There is such an element of truth within the unveiling of the people, animals and settings … you are a very gifted writer!

This is such a wonderful collection of beautifully written stories that I can only hope that you'll favor us with more. PLEASE continue to write about your life, past and present, your family and your touching observances of nature … from the sea and its inhabitants to the Bahamian flora, fauna and creatures that abound there.”

Kathy Price
Tampa, FL

“I have just finished reading Sand In My Shoes, and loved it … I found it funny, sad and touching in so many ways … I bought 2 copies originally and have now ordered 4 more to send to friends!!!!”

Kathy Pinder
Freeport, Bahamas

“Sand In My Shoes touched me deeply. We are all so linked by our need to understand that which is greater than us …. “

Patty Howe, USA

“Reading your stories gave me a sense of warmth and nostalgia of days gone by. As I am a fifth generation Bahamian, I felt so at home as I read each line and fell deeper into your stories. Please keep writing for the sake of those of us who remember.”

Dianne Russell
Freeport, Bahamas

“You will find a perfect place for this endearing book so that you can re-read it at any moment. One loses oneself in each and every story and feels the magic in the author’s words and expressions. Her writings reflect the beauty within her soul, as well as her own unique beauty and one is touched by both.“

Dorothy Kennedy, Canada

‘The writing is superb ... Sand In My Shoes earns its place among the written lore of The Bahamas.’

Gordon Lomer – Former Senior Editor, The Bahamas Handbook


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